April 24, 2012

Supernatural cold freeze

by Nicole Luiken

A talented hockey player, Johnny is usually the life of the party. But lately, his friends are beginning to think something's wrong. Mysterious accidents befall anyone Johnny gets close to and he's been hearing voices. And now he's been seen with the Stranger, a man named Frost. Turns out Frost is using Johnny to start a new ice age.

This is a very strange novel. Since Frost is powerful enough to move glaciers and start blizzards, he really doesn't need Johnny. He could kill everybody himself. Still, the book is very suspenseful, though the final showdown wasn't quite what I expected. Johnny shares a special bond with Cheryl, with whom he has an on/off relationship. Cheryl is closely in tune with nature and spirituality, so I thought she would use her unique abilities to defeat Frost. It doesn't quite work out, which was a little disappointing.

The book tends towards tedium in spots, especially when it involves Johnny's other girlfriend, Kathy. Kathy spends most of her time agonizing over Johnny's relationship with Cheryl. Kathy is a very superfluous character who is only there as a convenient backup plan for Frost. The book ends with a poor attempt at humour, which is too little, too late.

Good for readers who like their supernatural elements mixed with snow.

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