May 15, 2012

Fun with poetry

My Dog May Be A Genius
by Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky writes fun, light poetry, with strong rhythms and clever wordplay. There are also several concrete poems with interesting fonts, shapes, and upside-down letters. Kids who like nonsense, fantastical animals, tongue-twisters and laughter will enjoy this book.

Here's a sample:

My brother poked a porcupine,
which was a great mistake.
My mother had hysterics
when she stumbled on a snake.
My sister fell into a creek,
she's cold and soaking wet.
My aunt upset a hornets' nest,
an act we all regret.

I sat in poison ivy,
I'll be itchy for a while.
A skunk sprayed both my uncles,
now they smell extremely vile.
My father stepped in something
he would rather not discuss -
we love our weekly nature walks,
they're always fun for us.

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