May 10, 2012

Pay attention!

When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead

Miranda is a sixth-grader who lives in New York City. She knows how to be safe and who to avoid. Like the crazy guy on her corner. But she's unprepared when her best friend, Sal, gets punched for no reason. Sal stops talking to her. Then the spare key to her apartment gets stolen, and she receives a mysterious note. More notes arrive, and Miranda gets a little spooked. The writer seems to know things that no one else should know. The writer asks that she write him/her a letter about herself, but there is a problem - you cannot begin now, as most of it has not yet taken place.

Miranda's favourite book is A Wrinkle in Time, which forms a key part of the story. The notion of time travel, the past, the future, and the moments that exist between them blend into a seamless, challenging and seductive novel. It's about being conscious of the way we perceive things; what is real and what is not, the possible and the impossible.

A book that deserves to be visited many times.

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