June 12, 2012

A different kind of beauty

A Different Kind of Beauty
by Sylvia McNicoll

Elizabeth is a young teen about to start high school. She owns a dog called Beauty and is training her to become a guide dog for the blind. Kyle is 15, has diabetes, and recently lost his sight. Elizabeth and Kyle are fated to cross paths, but before they do, they have to work out relationship problems with their respective boyfriend and girlfriend, and other family matters. Kyle has an especially hard time. In denial about his diabetes and vision loss, he makes many poor decisions, jeopardizing his health and safety. Often angry and resentful, Kyle is not very likeable. But when he finally meets Beauty, he starts to rebuild his life.

McNicoll writes with a light touch that keeps the story flowing nicely. Having the story told in both Kyle's and Elizabeth's voices make them very real characters that young readers can sympathize and relate to. A heart-warming ending makes for an enjoyable and satisfying read.

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