June 19, 2012

Word games and secrets

Word Nerd

Ambrose is a lot like Marcus in the Hugh Grant movie About a Boy. They're both misfits - a bit nerdy, with an unfortunate knack of saying the wrong thing at the worst times or dressing inappropriately. Though even Marcus would have had the sense not to wear purple cords and a t-shirt with the words Number One Mom on the front.

Unlike Marcus, Ambrose is saddled with a wildly overprotective mother who keeps her son on a pretty tight leash. So it's no wonder that he keeps secrets from her, especially about his friendship with the landlords' son. Cosmo just got out of jail and is trying to figure out what to do with his life. When Ambrose discovers that he and Cosmo share a love of Scrabble, he talks Cosmo into taking him to the West Side Scrabble Club. Cosmo is reluctant until he meets Amanda, the club's director. One small deception leads to another until everyone's secrets are exposed in tumultuous fashion.

A fun, rollicking read, with memorable characters and an optimistic ending.

Highly recommended.

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