June 6, 2013

Ingrid and the Wolf

Ingrid and the Wolf
by André Alexis

Ingrid Balazs is a lonely. She has friends, but her parents discourage her from socializing with them after school. One day, a letter arrives from her grandmother, inviting her to stay at her mansion in Hungary. Ingrid's grandmother is a countess with a long title: Countess Liliane Montesquieu von Puffdorf di Turbino de la Louve des Balazs. An imposing woman, the countess sets a trial for Ingrid to overcome in order to prove that she is a true Balazs. She must successfully find her way out of the labyrinth beneath the mansion. In the labyrinth, Ingrid encounters the wolf Gabor, who reveals much about her family's history of which she has been unaware.

A compelling, dream-like tale; haunting, yet not frightening. Perfect for children who like fairy tales.

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