June 18, 2013

Life-changing adventures

My One Hundred Adventures
by Polly Horvath

Twelve-year-old Jane is longing for adventures. While she loves her family and their cozy house by the sea, she yearns to explore the know-not-what - the place where things happen that will change her world. Unusual adventures do happen to Jane. She drops bibles from a hot-air balloon, helps a deluded preacher find a psychic poodle, and is conned into babysitting a bunch of Gourds. She also discovers three possible fathers.

Jane is an interesting character; her observations are sensitive and thoughtful, often making her sound much older than she really is. It's a Horvath specialty, as are the eccentric, irresponsible adults, from Jane's romantic mother to hypochondriacal Mrs. Parks, who's determined to have more ailments than all her elderly friends. The hilarious moments perk up the story's slow pace. A good choice for teens who appreciate philosophical musings.

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