June 4, 2014

Canadian pirates

Flight of the Griffons
by Kate Inglis (Nimbus)

Missy Bullseye is a pirate. She belongs to the Dread Crew of Nova Scotia. They travel on land, looking for scrap junk to salvage. Missy's on probationary work terms, hoping to achieve union-certified junking status. She gets a stint working with the Crummies in Quebec. But she still needs one more work term to complete her probation. All the other pirate crews are full up. So she accepts a secret mission: to find and infiltrate the Griffons, a blacklisted crew that disappeared many years ago. Once she gets to know them and why they're on the run, she forced to choose sides; a difficult choice when villains are not always evil and criminal activity is sometimes justified.

The story begins a little slowly, but it soon gets more and more intriguing. The Griffons are an airborne crew, which makes their adventures a little more perilous than most. It all gets very exciting. Plus it has a spunky heroine, distinctive characters, engaging dialogue - the French and Swedish lingo add a nice touch - and a realistic Canadian setting.

Kate Inglis has also written a previous novel, Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods, which was nominated for the Hackmatack and Red Cedar awards (both children's choice awards).

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