June 11, 2014

Troll hunting

by Karen Krossing

After his father is turned to stone by troll hunters, a cave troll named Bog sets out to destroy all humans. Along the way, he's joined by a huge forest troll named Small and Hannie, a human girl. Bog's knowledge of the human world is scanty, so he relies on Small and Hannie to help him out. They also learn about the Nose Stone - a rock rumoured to bring stone trolls back to life. Stalked by the Troll Hunter, Bog's journey soon turns into a perilous one, affecting human and troll alike.

An unusual story which moves along quite nicely. The characters are interesting and the forest setting is effectively described. The surprising revelation (mentioned in the second chapter) that Bog is half-human lends an interesting twist. But it also leads to a too-pat ending. There's a problem with the Troll Hunter's motivation as well. The Hunter's hatred of trolls seems too extreme once the real reason comes out. Still, the story is unique enough to catch kids' attention, and the inviting cover will draw them in as well.

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