July 24, 2009

Books for Older Siblings

When a baby is born, older siblings sometimes feel left out. The arrival of a baby is special, but becoming an older brother or sister is special too. Celebrate their new status with a book.

by Gillian Johnson
Fabio is an only dog, but he longs for a brother. When his family decides to adopt another dog, she's not at all what he expected. A hilarious story about acceptance.

by Mem Fox
Koala Lou is loved by everyone, especially her mother who never fails to tell her "Koala Lou, I do love you!" When her mother has more babies and gets too busy, she doesn't say the words as often. To win back her mother's love, Koala Lou tries to win a medal at the Bush Olympics. Perfect for older siblings who need a little reassurance.

by Mary Ann Hoberman
Easy-to-read stories for a child and a parent to read together, or for an older child to read with a younger one. I gave this book to a 7-year-old; her dad later told me that she'd been trying to read it with her baby sister!

by Mercer Mayer
Wordless picture books are ideal because a child can make up his or her own story to go with the pictures. Good for kids who are unsure about reading words out loud. Wordless books can also stimulate the imagination.

by Sara O'Leary
For curious kids who want to know where they came from. The parents in this book come up with creative, imaginative answers: you were grown in the garden, you were delivered by fairies, you were dropped from a spaceship, etc.

Where Willy Went
by Nicholas Allan
For kids who want answers, but don't need too much detail. The map of the woman's reproductive system is very vague, and the actual coupling is hidden under sheets, but most kids should get the idea. Suitable for ages 2-3.

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