July 27, 2009

Books of Information - Animals, Birds & Insects

by Diane Swanson
photographs by Paul Davidson
A good introduction to insects for ages 3 and up. The language is clear and easy to understand, and the large print makes it easy to read. Chapters progress logically, beginning with a definition of an insect, followed by descriptions of its body parts, its mating and reproduction habits, and its unique characteristics. Spectacular close-up photographs add to the book's appeal. Includes a brief glossary and index.

by April Pulley Sayre
paper collages by Huy Voun Lee
"Honk, hee-honk, honk!"
This noisy book tells the story of a Canadian Goose and his mate. The male goose spends most of his time chasing foes away from the nest until "crack! crick! peep!" six baby geese are hatched.

by Margriet Ruurs
paper sculptures by Ron Broda
An introduction to backyard animals for ages 3 to 5. A legend at the end of the book provides more information on each animal and gives suggestions on how to make backyards appealing to animals. Artist Ron Broda's realistic paper sculptures can be found in other books, such as:
Polar Worlds: Life at the Ends of the Earth

Acclaimed artist Robert Bateman invites young readers to join him on a journey to the Arctic and Antarctica. Fascinating facts and profiles of the polar inhabitants, including polar bears, penguins, seals, and whales, are brought vividly to life in Bateman’s paintings and sketches. An engaging and informative book.

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