July 20, 2009

Moon Landing Anniversary

Forty years ago today, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. To commemorate the event, here are a few moon-themed books:

by Roslyn Schwartz
The Mole Sister series by Roslyn Schwartz are gentle, humorous, light and dreamy. In the above story, the Mole Sisters discover that anything can happen on a moonlit night.

by Marie-Louise Gay
In 2006, Marie-Louise Gay was awarded the Vicky Metcalf Award, which recognizes a writers' work to be of high literary quality. Ms. Gay's Stella series, as well as her other stories, are distinguished by exuberant, joyful illustrations and imaginative writing. In Stella, Princess of the Sky, Stella reassures her little brother, Sam when they spend the night outdoors.

by Thomas King
illustrated by Johnny Wales
Every evening, Old Woman and the animals serenade the moon. When Coyote wants to join in, the animals recoil in horror, telling him that his terrible singing voice will scare Moon away.
"Hummph," says Coyote, whose feelings are hurt. "Why would anyone want to sing to Moon, anyway? In fact, he thinks, who needs the moon? He then says, "That silly Moon is so bright, I can hardly sleep."
Unfortunately, Moon overhears him. Offended, she takes refuge in the pond, leaving the world in the dark. When Old Woman and the animals fail to entice Moon back, they resort to one last, desperate scheme to return her to the sky.
For kids and grown-ups who like to howl.

selected by Monica Hughes
Stories and poems that answer one simple question: What if ....? Among the highlights are Moon Maiden (what if the moon is haunted?), A Wish Called Arnold (what if you only get one wish?), and Paper (what if you could breathe life into paper?)

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