June 17, 2010

Creative photography

Take a Look Around: Photography Activities for Young People
by Jim Varriale

Perfect for aspiring photographers of all ages. Simple projects teach easy-to-follow concepts such as shadow & light, camera angle, frame & scale, composition, image sequencing, action, and group & individual portraiture. All the pictures in the book were taken by children and teens who attended the author's photography class at a summer camp. Beautiful and inspiring.

Picture This: Fun Photography and Crafts
by Debra Friedman

Easy activities and crafts that make photography fun. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a nameplate, puzzle, journal, or diorama. Kids can also put together wordless stories, montages, and optical illusions.

Digital Photo Madness!: 50 Weird & Wacky Things to Do with Your Digital Camera
by Thom Gaines

A book packed with useful tips to get the most out of your digital camera. How-tos include the camera's buttons & functions, composition skills, close-up pictures, and subject ideas. Also provides a good guide to digital photo software to create special effects. The book's portable size contributes to its accessibility and ease of use. For kids who already have some photographic experience and are comfortable with technology.

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