June 10, 2010


How Soccer Works
by Keltie Thomas

A fun look at soccer from its beginnings to today's modern game. Examines soccer equipment, the science of soccer, physical fitness, and legends of the game. Also includes tips for players. The lively writing style makes for exciting reading.

note: There's a typo on page 61. Replace the word expect with except. The correct sentence should be During a penalty kick, all players except the kicker and goalie must stand behind this [penalty] arc.

Soccer: From Beckham to Zidane
by Christopher Morris

An engrossing account of an international game. Well-written, with lots of photos, Morris' book definitely inspires enthusiasm for the sport.

Contents: Soccer's Coming to North America / A World Sport / Manchester United / David Beckham / "No Hands, Please" / Fancy Kicks & Other Tricks / Women & Girls on the Field / Soccer Schools & Scholarships / Greats of the Game

by Robert Burleigh
illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson

Two teams try to break a tie game in this exciting soccer poem. Short lines, action verbs, and blurry pictures ably capture the tense moment.

One minute left.
Last-second charge.
All wheeling as one.
Now! Make it happen!

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