June 15, 2010

Photography as art

Turning Point Inventions: The Camera
by Joseph Wallace

A readable and informative book about the invention of the camera. An especially good fold-out section summarizes the camera's development, its parts, and the recording of an image. Of course, it contains many photographic examples and diagrams.

Photography (What is Art series)
by Karen Hosack

Each chapter of this short book contain two photographs that challenge kids to think about photo interpretation: the stories that photographs reveal about both subject and photographer, how photographs are manipulated, and the reasons why people take pictures.

The publisher, Raintree, has many books about art. When searching by category, look under Art or  The Arts for a more extensive list. If you're interested in buying the entire What is Art series (or any other series), contact the publisher; you may be able to negotiate a discount.

Focus: Five Women Photographers : Julia Margaret Cameron/Margaret Bourke-White/Flor Garduno/Sandy Skoglund/Lorna Simpson
by Sylvia Wolf

Biographies of five female photographers. Their lives and works show the many different ways that photography can be turned into art. The author offers her own interpretation of each artist's photographs while encouraging kids to discover their own meanings. For readers inspired to learn more, a bibliography is included.

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