March 22, 2012

Adventure in the swamp

by Carl Hiaasen

Bunny Starch is the most feared biology teacher at Truman School. The kind of teacher who dares to humiliate a student in front of the whole class. So when she disappears after the school field trip to the Black Vine Swamp, her class is extremely relieved. Until they end up with Wendell Waxmo, an outrageous substitute who loves a good song. 

Nick and Marta, two of Starch's students, think something terrible must have happened to her. They don't believe the principle's explanation that Mrs. Starch had to deal with a family emergency, especially since she has no family. They're sure that the class delinquent, Smoke, has something to do with it. Their investigation reveals many more suspects - an  eccentric eco-avenger, a dim-witted oilman, and an endangered Florida panther.

Hiaasen's trademark humour and typical wackiness keep the action moving in this exciting adventure. Highly entertaining.

The paperback also includes a sneak peek at Hiassen's new novel, Chomp.

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