March 20, 2012

Kids protect environment

by Carl Hiassen

"I'm not a common criminal", Noah's dad says. "I know right from wrong. Good from bad. Sometimes I just get carried away".  This time, his dad's temper and impulsiveness have landed him in jail for sinking the Coral Queen, a casino boat that's been dumping raw sewage into the Florida Keys. The problem is that he doesn't have actual proof. So it's up to Noah and his little sister Abbey to put the Coral Queen out of commission for good.

Readers familiar with Hiassen's previous book, Hoot,will enjoy Flush. It has the quirky characters, funny names (like Lice Peeking), and unbelievable situations that make for an adventurous, suspenseful yarn. With snappy dialogue, smarter-than-adult kids, and a very satisfying ending.

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