March 15, 2012

Life despite illness

by Martha Brooks

It's 1941, and World War II is on. But the war doesn't seem to touch the life of fifteen-year-old Marie-Claire. She's still having fun, sneaking off to dances, and spending time with Oncle Gérard. So it comes as a shock when Gérard is diagnosed with tuberculosis. But it gets worse when she, and her younger brother and sister, are also diagnosed with the disease. They are sent to the nearby sanatorium to "chase the cure." 

Separated from her siblings, and angry at her situation, Marie-Claire tries her best to ignore everyone, especially her irritatingly cheerful roommate Signy. But as the days go by, she gradually gets used to her new life. Even though she is surrounded by sadness, there is also hope, and she is able to make friends, and find love with another patient. 

A heart-warming story, full of meaning and life. 

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