November 13, 2012

Grade six superhero

Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper
by Michael Reisman

Sixth-grader Simon Bloom's superpowers literally fall onto his head. Lured into Dunkerhook Woods by a refreshing Breeze, he inadvertently summons the Teacher's Edition of Physics, a book of mathematical formulae. These formulae allow Simon to bend the laws of physics. By reciting them, he can alter gravity, friction, velocity, and space-time. Soon he's able to float in midair, skate on dirt, and leap over tall buildings. But a book this powerful is coveted by others with malicious intent. With the future of the universe at stake, Simon and his friends must wrack their brains and master the formulae to keep these evil forces at bay. 

Fans of Rick Riordan will love this book. It's packed with all kinds of destructive mayhem, including chases, explosions, and an excellent game of dodgeball. Plus it has kids beating bullies and fighting off grown-ups. Great fun.

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