November 20, 2012

Understanding ADHD

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
by Jack Gantos

Joey Pigza is a bundle of energy. He has great difficulty sitting still, and careens from one calamity to another. His teachers can barely control him, and his mother's patience is at an end. Joey has ADHD and finds life's rules hard to follow. It's even more difficult when adults don't understand his condition. Their well-meaning attempts to rein in his behaviour rarely work, especially when they exclude him from everyday activities. Smart and sensitive, Joey is initially discouraged when he's sent to a special-ed school, but with proper support for a change, and better meds, he's able to make a comeback.

Joey's strong and clear voice provides a good glimpse inside the mind of an ADHD person. He is a very sympathetic hero; his feelings are honest, funny, painful, and courageous. Kids with ADHD and their parents will relate wholeheartedly with Joey's struggles. 

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