November 22, 2012

Living with ADHD

by Sis Deans

Rainy is nervous about attending summer camp. She's never been away from her family before and she doesn't know what to without them. They help make sure that she doesn't run off, lose her things, or lose focus the way she usually does. Her excess energy, seemingly random thoughts and sometimes shocking outbursts exhaust both her cabin mates and her camp counselors. At first, you wonder if they even know that Rainy has ADHD. Things improve when Rainy finds sympathetic friends and people who admire her unique abilities. Sports and nature have a calming effect until sad news from home shakes her up. To get over it, Rainy sets off to climb a mountain, not realizing how dangerous that can be.

Author Sis Deans also has ADHD. Growing up in the 1960's, there was no supports or drugs that could have helped her out, but her struggles gave her a tenacity that served her well. No wonder that she was able to create such a likeable, sympathetic character. Rainy's funny observations, especially in her letters home, show a girl who is sensitive, kind, and thoughtful. 

A heart-warming read.

For those living with ADHD, or who want to know more about it, see my blog

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