February 27, 2014

Nate the Great

Better Nate Than Ever
by Tim Federle

Nate Foster has always dreamed of being on Broadway. But stuck in small town Jankburg, Pennsylvania, his dream may never get off the ground. So with help from his best friend, Libby, he takes off for New York City, intent on landing the starring role of Elliot in E.T. the Musical. Nate's audition is a total disaster, leaving readers thinking it's all over. But then he gets a callback! Thus the tale begins anew, with many more ups and downs that are emotionally exhausting. However, Nate's got a ton of chutzpah and he doesn't give up easily. He'll have you cheering for him all the way. No wonder reviewers everywhere love this book. 

For more on Nate's adventures in showbiz, read the sequel Five, Six, Seven, Nate!And to avoid an audition disaster, get Acting A to Z: The Young Person's Guide to a Stage Or Screen Career by Katherine Mayfield (reviewed on my other book blog: inquisitive-kids.blogspot.com).

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