February 25, 2014

Stage training

Theater Shoes
by Noel Streatfeild

When orphans Sorrel, Mark, and Holly are sent to live with their grandmother, a renowned British actress, she immediately enrolls them in the Children's Academy of Dancing and Stage Training. The children are reluctant at first, especially as they're expected to be stars, but they soon get used to it. Sorrel discovers a talent for drama, Holly shows flair as a comedienne, and Mark has a good singing voice.

Streatfeild depicts a theatrical education and career very well, especially the pressure that comes from teacher and family expectations. Sorrel has the most difficulties, battling feelings of inadequacy as she goes through auditions, and dealing with the jealousy of her actress cousin Miranda. Kids will also have a fondness for Mark, who wants to be a sailor not to an actor. He's helped by Petrova of Ballet Shoes fame, who hadn't wanted a stage life either.

Readers who enjoyed Ballet Shoes and Streatfeild's other shoe books will like Theater Shoes as well.

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