April 24, 2014

Fallen World trilogy

The Way We Fall
by Megan Crewe

It begins with an itch that doesn't go away, followed by fever and a tickle in the throat. The paranoid hallucinations only confirm it. You're going to die.

A strange flu is sweeping through Kaelyn's island community, killing everyone young or old. As the population dwindles, survival instincts take over until there's no one left to trust.

Crewe does a masterful job in slowly building the ever increasing suspense until the slightly hopeful ending.

The Lives We Lost
by Megan Crewe

The friendly flu, named for its victims' lack of inhibitions, has taken the lives of Kaelyn's friends and family. With its spread to the mainland, no place is safe. But when Kaelyn finds samples of a vaccine in her late father's research lab, there's a glimmer of hope. Maybe someone somewhere can replicate it. So Kaelyn and her remaining friends set out on the dangerous journey to Ottawa, where they'll find scientists to help them.

The Worlds We Make
by Megan Crewe

Finding no help in Toronto, Kaelyn and her friends must get to the Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta. On the way, they have to avoid the Wardens, a band of mercenaries who are after the vaccine. 

Crewe's Fallen World trilogy comes to a satisfying close in this final volume. Throughout, she depicts a believable, tension-filled journey as her characters struggle for survival. Their continuous search for food, shelter, and transportation will remind many readers of the travails of the Walking Dead survivalists, except there are no zombies. But the friendly flu is no less dangerous; it may even be worse, because the enemies are not as obvious. Kaelyn is forced to make some hard choices, leaving her to wonder if she's losing her morality. At the end, her decisions will either save humanity or destroy it.

An excellent book that will leave readers questioning their own beliefs and values. 

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