April 9, 2014

Female robot inventor

My Robots: The Robotic Genius of Lady Regina Bonquers III
by Johan Olander

Regina Bonquers was an eccentric Scottish inventor who mysteriously disappeared in the 1970s. She left behind a treasure trove of articles and blueprints pertaining to her bizarre robotic creations. She invented the nose-shaped Odoro, which sniffed out strange odors, the Build-O-Bot, which destroyed buildings instead, and Interplanetary Autonomous Battle-Bots who didn't want to fight. As you've no doubt realized by now, this is a fictional book. Still, many children may find it amusing. Plus, they'll be inspired to draw their own robots.

For the real history of robots, go to my blog Interesting Nonfiction for Inquisitive Kids. There you'll find books about past and current robotic inventions.

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