April 3, 2014


Three Million Acres of Flame
by Valerie Sherrard

As the story begins, Skye Haverill's main problem is getting along with her father's new wife, whom she's determined not to like. But her troubles soon pale when compared to the disaster that is to come - the 1825 Miramichi wildfire that devastates her community. Homeless, Skye and her family are forced to seek shelter with the Chapman family in the neighboring town of Chatham. 

As the family struggles for normalcy despite unbearable suffering - Skye's brother Tavish loses his sight and her Uncle Collin, his entire family - Skye discovers a resilience she never knew she had.

Anyone who has lost a home to floods or earthquakes will no doubt empathize with the Miramichi victims and may even find the story difficult to read. For those who have never lived through disaster, the book shines a light on the devastating aftermath.

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