April 6, 2010

Sarah Stewart & David Small, picture book creators

Sarah Stewart, with her husband, illustrator David Small, has created a number of quiet, perfect stories. Enjoy.

Lydia Grace, sent to stay with her Uncle Jim, tries to win his smile by transforming the neighborhood with flowers.

An Amish girl visits a large city for the first time. 
In a series of diary entries, Hannah describes her day and what she sees in contrast to her rural life.

Elizabeth Brown collected books because she loved reading. In rhyming verse, her story is told: how she eventually ran out of room and created a library for an entire town.
Look for David Small's haunting picture of a lamp and a chair surrounded by mountains of books.

A strange tree is growing in Miss McGillicuddy's yard. Its leaves are very unusual. As the seasons change, more and more people gather at the tree, even digging under the snow. A subtly told story.

Belle was often alone, but she had a friend - Beatrice Smith, the housekeeper and guardian. They often walked together: Belle and Bea, hand in hand, by the sea. But one day, Belle went to the beach by herself. Then Bea showed what a good friend she really was.
The story ends on a poignant note, with an adult Belle remembering a very special person.

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