April 1, 2010

Bunny books!

Ben's Bunny Trouble
by Daniel Wakeman & Dirk van Stralen

Ben needs to find a new home for his two rabbits. So he blasts off in search of the bunny planet. Meanwhile, the spaceship is getting crowded with more and more bunnies! A funny wordless picture book.

by Rosemary Wells

Three little bunnies have had a bad day. But far beyond the moon and stars, twenty light-years south of Mars, spins the gentle Bunny Planet, and the Bunny Queen is Janet

Janet says to each, "Come in. Here's the day that should have been". Very comforting.

by Emily Gravett

An exploding rabbit population causes chaos in this entertaining story. Includes a baby rabbit book, a carrot recipe book, and a surprise ending. Each page is funnier than the last!

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