April 8, 2010

Trees are the keepers of stories

The Underneath
by Kathi Appelt

In the piney woods, the trees bear witness to three intersecting stories. Two lonely animals, a cat and a dog, form a loving family. A cruel man named Gar Face, the dog's owner, hunts an ancient alligator. And a lamia, an enchanted snake able to assume human form, waits to take her revenge on the daughter who left her long ago.

The Underneath is the dark space under the porch, where it is safe. But the kitten Puck, lured by the goldy sun, ventures into the Open. Captured by Gar Face, he escapes and tries to find his way home.

A wondrous story filled with emotion, suspense, and magic. Every word is meaningful, and each sentence sounds like poetry. A spell-binding and beautiful tale that belongs on every child's bookshelf.

note: Very young children will be disturbed by scenes of animal cruelty.

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